Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Looking back

Well I feel like I've spun out of the end of this year from a relentless spin cycle of creative projects, adrenaline and work. I was remembering this time last year and how fresh and excited I was feeling about my goals of this year and when I look back on what they were I see I did them all (and some). So before I dive headlong onto a new decade and new set of projects and ideas I think it's important to look back on they little year that could, what I've learnt, what inspired me, what challenged me and then of course a few musing on what is to come.

This hot summer month in Melbourne was spent hunkering down with the crew from Revolt Productions. Painting, grinding, cleaning, business planning in support of their epic vision of the space. These guys have had a huge year; nearly wiped out by the March flood they rose to the challenge and have created an ambitious arts venue in Kensington which was finally launched in early November. Do yourself a favour and check it out if your in melbs.
Feb march saw me and the minstrel boys heading to SA, first lesson learned was always pre-pay for excess baggage, which we didn't and had to undertake a stealthy cabin luggage fiasco and posted all our clothes to our hostel...planning planning planning people!

Arriving a week before to set up the venue with the ever lovely support of Carin from the fringe team, we built the stage, rigged the lights and set up our sparkly sign all in time for the big opening night. Spending a month in Adelaide was such a blast. Positives: our groovy hosts at the hostel, winding down each night at the atmospheric artist bar, playing to sell out crowds, the minstrels being nominated for Best Cabaret, our brilliant venue team, Murray, Jason and the crew at the Austral (favorite memory was dancing up a storm with them all on the our final night after the luke warm awards night), meeting other rad and inspiring artists and general fun of life on the road, oh and the mega amazingly tasty late night Mexican place across the road.. Negatives; eating enough hungry jacks for a lifetime, the late night antics of the local trashbags, suburban audiences and their prudishness (surprising and luckily not all inclusive), Calipsal (shudder). I had such a brilliant time in Adelaide, actually my favorite festival experience to date, I look forward to heading back there in 2011.
With only 4 days off between the Melbourne International Comedy Festival was upon us and homeless and couch surfing as I was I played an epic four week season at the Forum the broom cupboard ;) I loved this venue, it was tiny (30 seats with a stage the size of a desk), but it created a really different intimacy with the audience that hadn't existed in Adelaide. Best memories of this season was when an 80 year lady came and sat in the middle of the front row one night, she hadn't been back to Melbourne since she met her husband there in the 40's and she had an absolute blast! what a legend, hope I'm like that when I'm 80. The other highlight was seeing a whole family come and enjoy the show sitting up the back, the youngest boy was probably 12 and his two older brothers where killing themself with laughter as was the dad...the mum on the other hand was swinging between hysterics and horror at what her young son was seeing. And then the coolest thing was Birdman coming along, I saw Birdy in Brisbane 7 o 8 years ago at the Judith Wright Centre in this gorgeous little clown show along with Neridah Waters and Johnathan (lastname??) which my friend Ramona and I was so inspired by that we wrote our first theatre/clown show Small Dreams, it was a very special experience performing for such an great performer.

The other highlight of this festival was the riding of live camels down Swanston Street for a promo event for The Minstrels of The Revolution 'In Search of Atlantis', I love these moments when you do something so bizarre and you get to say yep....this is what I do for a living. The boys played a short season at The Butterfly Club in South Melbourne, which was a bit of a struggle as venues outside of the CBD have a really hard time, this was made up for the fact that David and the Gang at the club are total legends.

May-July Rented Space, Kwikfix and At the Formal
Man I'm exhausted from writing already, no wonder I am exhausted and burnt out by the end of this year! So after a few sweet weeks off after the end of the Comedy Festival we geared up for the Rented Space Shoot. For full details of this project check out my fellow blogger Kai Smythe at The Rented Space Diaries. In a nutshell this was blutty epic, an three month mammoth of no sleep and hard work to pull off the 6 day shoot. The film has only recently been finished and premiered at The Australian Centre for the Moving Image as part of the VCA Film and Television Graduate showcase. Over 40 crew, 50 cast members and a whooooole lotta catering. Had an absolute blast and looking forward to the next stage of development, to bring this kick ass series to your screens.

Kwikfix was a short film by Kelly Hucker which I script assisted and 1st AD on, this was a great little film starring Neil Triffet and Kate McLennan which won Best Comedy at the VCA Grad awards.

At the Formal was a work of art written and directed by Andrew Kavanagh and Produced by my very good friend Ramona Telecican. It is a truly beautiful film that swept the awards at the VCA Grad showings including, Best of Year, Best Overall, Most innovative and Best Cinematography (for Kai Smythe). I'm sure this will go onto other festivals so do yourself a favour and check it out.
As writer/director Kai Smythe continue the work on the pilot I turned by head to producing Tim Mager's directorial debut 'The Omega Quest' the epic space puppet opera that premiered at the Melbourne Fringe Festival starring Francis McMahon and Miyuki Watanabe. This was a really ambitious project that thankfully paid off and taught me a lot of lessons and reminded me of a few that I thought had sussed (he he never get to ahead of yourself, always keep your feet on the ground). The season was a huge hit with rave reviews and some really memorable moments.

One of my very favorite moments of the fringe was participating in 'Shut Up and Dance' a on mass clown dance with The Town Bikes. I loved the fact that dance become such a key part of the programming at this year's fringe, and spent many really excellent nights dancing away at the club.

I also took part in the two day Masterclass with Cal McCrystal the brilliant physical comedy director who co-created the Mighty Boosch and is currently the physical comedy director with Cirque du Soleil, met some brilliant performers and was so inspired that I'm trying to raise funds to bring him back for a two week creative development in mid 2011.

Because I wasn't performing this year at Fringe I really enjoyed the privilege of seeing lots of other shows, the highlight of which was definietly the 'Hermitude of Angus' from the kids at SlowClap Productions. Such a gorgeous physical comedy show that was at once, touching, heartfelt, intellegent, evil, ridiculous and fucking hilarious!!! Vachael and Steph are doing a big tour for the show in early 2011 so check it out if you can; Adelaide Fringe, Brisbane Comedy, Auckland Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival.

November - Training and Planning
As November clicked around I started a new day job as Program Coordinator at Creative Spaces at the Melbourne City Council a great program that links artist with spaces to exhibit, work, rehearse and perform. On pretty much the same day I was offered a place at the Witness Relocation Master class in Sydney with the Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Association, so off I went for two weeks of sweating, wrestling, tumbling and all round awesomeness, (see the post on Reptilian for more details). This month i also sent off a few grant applications for projects next year and me and Kai Smythe were shortlisted for the Moosehead Award for Sexytime!
December - Winding down and looking forward
As the year came winding down I enjoyed a great and short little season at Melbourne's heart of Cabaret The Butterfly Club with the 'How to be a Lady Christmas Special'. It was such a beautiful moment performing the show on that stage, six years prior I had come to Melbourne and experienced my first ever Melbourne Fringe Festival and was completely blown away at 'The Beautiful Losers', I dreamed of one day doing the same thing with my work, so there I was making people giggle and it was just lovely. I also got a great video recording of the show which will really help with the pitch pack for sending out for Grants and touring option in 2011.

Looking towards the Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival the plans were put in place to bring Sexytime! to the stage, and we were very luck that the talented and lovely Michael Davoren has agreed to lend his voice to the narration of the show.

Now sitting in QLD for the annual northern pilgrimage for Christmas, I've eaten and drunk far too much and am spending the days snoozing, watching dvd's, reading and dreaming of what the next decade might hold in store for this little lass. xx

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rented Space Melbourne Screenings

Screening as part of the VCA Graduate Showcase at The Australian Centre of the Moving Image, Flinders Street, Melbourne on;

Thurs 9th Dec @ 9.15pm
Fri 17th @ 5.15pm
Sat 18th @ 5.15pm

Bookings through ACMI Box Office 03 8663 2583 or
Tickets $12 Full or $9 Conc, (18+ only I'm afraid)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An early christmas pressie

Just because I was feeling a bit lazy....

How to be a Lady - Christmas Special!!

Thurs 2nd of December to Sunday the 5th
@ The Butterfly Club
204 Bank Street,
South Melbourne

Nightly at 7pm (6pm Sunday)
All tix $18 available here

A young girl wakes on christmas morning to find her life is a mess and an audience in her bedroom....if only she'd remembered to wear pants. Tessa Waters brings her slap stick one-woman hit show to The Butterfly Club for a very special christmas season, and promises to bring pudding.


"Funny as Hell" 4 1/2 stars The Age

"A non-stop roller-coaster of laughter" - Arts Hub

"A power house of physical comedy" The Groggy Squirrel

"Short, Sharp and Shiny Show" The Advertiser

Monday, November 15, 2010

Witness Relocation in Sydney

I have just come back from doing a two week intensive in Sydney with New York Contemporary Dance Theatre company Witness Relocation, I am exhausted, bruised and completely inspired. So much happened and went through my head in the past two weeks that I had been planning on blogging each night, but sleep became more important. So here are some random thoughts, images and inspirations that I hope will capture my experience....

BOFFINS NOTE: this will not be coherent and definitely not grammatically correct so save your breath...

a group of 13 amazing female artists from mainly Sydney and Melbourne took part in the class, from a range of backgrounds including, acting, circus, visual arts, film and me. I was so impressed by the commitment and energy everyone put into the work, no-one questioned for a moment if we should push our boundaries, it just happened and incredible work was
I just have to list everyone as they all deserve a plug for being rad; Deborah-'iron rib'-Leiser-Moore, Spenser-'card gal'-Inwood, Nicci 'raw prawn' Wilks, Zoe-'wrestle warrior'-Robbins, REA , Kate Sherman, Simone-'gammy leg'-O'Brien, Annabel Lines, Peta Strachan, Branden Munyan, Gulsen Ozer, and Kathryn-'beautifully odd'-Niesche.

Big Props
Goes to the sponsors of the event; this needs highlighting as this kind of project needs attention, needs future funding and needs further support, so a huge thank you and respect to the companies and funders who made it happen; Australia Council for the Arts, Legs on the Wall, Tashmadada and ACAPTA (Gail Kelly and Anna Jacobs). thank you for supporting Australian artists in such an inspiring way. Also to the Witness peeps, Dan Safer, Mike Mikos (a.k.a Vike Likos) and Kaz Phillips, and of course Mike's famous wrestling clinic for ladies.

Bruises and Bounces
One of the most profound realisations I came to during the work was that bodies are actually made well, they are meant to bounce, to bruise, to slam into the floor and fly up in the air, and my body is no exception. I think for some reason I had grown into thinking that my body was brittle and not capable of doing the amazing things some others can, but I was just out of practice. i went from a 'sookie' princess at a desk to jumping at the opportunity to be repeatedly punched in the arm or get wrestled to the ground while blind folded...maybe that's just what i'm into now ;) the point of this part of the ramble is that my body has been reactivated, my mind re-wired and I am jumping out of my skin to move more and bring this into my creative work as well as daily life.

Creative Process
i'm going to try and talk about the process we learned, i'm trying to be clever and intellectual but the best way I can describe it is; easy, body based, intuitive and impulsive with constant respect to the audience and their experience.

it works with a number of rules or structures, that anchor the work and the rest bubbles out of the natural combination of the artist's physicality (tall /short /fat/ thin/ broken/ bouncy... whatever), the imagination and impulsive in the moment reactions and the beautiful awkwardness of everyday life.

Without listing everything that Dan and Mike said I'm not sure if I can really do the work justice but the main statements that replay in my mind when I think about it are;
-be real
-beauty out of chaos
-remember the audience
-keep it simple
-allow for explosions
-what does the scene tell you and work from there
-dig deeper or turn the scar into a star or sometimes you have to push through the really shit to get to the gold on the other side (and other such analogies)

Favorite Moments (from two weeks in Sydney)
-Watching Dan dress as a lizard and blindfolded being wrestled to the ground by the lovely purple tutu wearing Zoe Robbins, star pupil from Mike's Famous Wrestling Clinic for ladies.
-The spontaneous dance party at the end of the second night of Cabaret at the Flashpoint forum
-The hour long improvised dance session
-Learning to roll, lift and throw
-Doing a spot from 'How to be a Lady' at the Cabaret, the beautiful mistakes that happened creating delicious new bits to play with
-Falling asleep giggling with Aneke and Anna
-remembering that my creativity is borne from images and movement and to re-introduce this into my practice
-feeling my body get stronger and more flexible each day

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sexytime! Photoshoot

Here is a little sneak peak at the photo shoot we did last night for Sexytime!

The ever talented Sorjeri Tane made the amazing wig, applied the pounds of eye make-up and did last minute adjustments to the mini I'm wearing (love that man!).

And gorgeous new madame photographer on the scene Rebekah Halls turned her lens on us for the hilarious and at times awkward shoot...(thanks rebby!!!!) Check out her blog here: pic was done specially for the Adelaide Fringe Festival Guide, our season has just been signed off from Feb 18th to March 12th 2011......more pics soon!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Omega Quest Sneak Preview - Rehearsal Video

The Omega Quest Critical Acclaim

I am producing The Omega Quest which is part of the official Melbourne Fringe Hub program this year (see listing information below). We are heading into the home stretch and I just wanted to share the amazing words people have been saying about the very talented cast and crew who have all worked their guts out to get this epic space opera up and running.

Tickets are still available for the rest of the week follow this link and all tickets are $10 tonight only!!

The Age Review
A space opera from the past
4 STARS!!!!
Tim Mager, North Melbourne Town Hall, Until October 9. $17/$12
Tim Richards Reviewer
EVEN in their wildest dreams, the 17th century creators of the Japanese puppetry form bunraku could never have imagined their craft would one day depict creatures of outer space; but that's the beauty of The Omega Quest. With puppeteers swathed in black manipulating objects in full view of the audience, we witness a mute tale of tragedy and triumph after the destruction of the Earth in the far future. It's a mix of puppetry and live action; our hero, an astronaut in search of New Earth, battles telepathic aliens and a squid-like space monster before being reunited with his love. The show's creators have gone to great effort with their moulded space suits, detailed monsters and electronic gadgetry, resulting in an entertaining space opera.

Links to other online reviews:
The Omega Quest runs every night till Saturday the 9th, nightly at 9pm at the Rehearsal Room, Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall. Get your tickets HERE

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sexytime! - Inspirado


I just wanted to share some of the images i'm using for inpirado in the creative development of my new show 'Sexytime!' a physical comedy about what it means to be sexy (premiering at Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2011), stay tuned for more details...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Melbourne Fringe 2010

Melbourne Fringe offically launched yesterday and the HUB kicks off tomorrow night with one almight opening night bash at the North Melbourne Town Hall.

This year I'm not performing in one of my own shows, instead I decided to focus all my energy into Producing the epic sci-fi puppet show Created by Tim Mager (of 'In Search of Atlantis' '09).

Tickets are selling like hot cakes and rightly so as this beautifully crafted and original show is sure to blow audiences away.
The last man traverses through space in search of a new earch

Combining stunning physical theatre, japanese game-show puppetry and a beautifully composed original soundtrack; The Omega Quest challenges the laws of physics and trasports the audience through space...

Season Runs Sept 24th to Oct 9th
Time: Nightly at 9pm Sundays at 8pm and NO SHOW MONDAYS
Bookings; ph:03 9660 9600 or

Friday, August 20, 2010

A moment to reflect

I just wanted to share some pics from my little qld retreat. It's taken me a full week to relax and even after every single muscle in my body finally released, I was silly enough to have a production meeting via skype and everything just tensed up again...sheesh! It is amazing though, being in the country makes me realise how many 'shoulds' there are swirling around in the city with all the noise and pollution. You 'should' do this, you 'should' go see this, you really 'should' call that person if you want it to happen, you 'should' work a bit harder now so you can rest later...should Should SHOULD! argh, enough!

So this week has been all about peeling away the 'shoulds', and just getting back in touch with what my mind and body actually want or can do. I think it's hard in the creative sector, when for so long you don't work for any money, only the passion. You have to have so much drive to get projects off the ground, and then work yourself into the ground getting it finished. You spend two thirds of the year working your guts out, without sleep, without good food and so often without seeing sunlight, then the other third you spend burnt-out trying to claw yourself back to some kind of normalcy. Simply put this is not a
sustainable way to work or build what I hope will be
a life long career.

Having said that I would not be happy in my life if I wasn't working creatively. So what is to be done?

This is how I am working it out: Define; what makes me anxious, what makes me angry, what stresses me out, what do I just hate doing, what do I think I 'should' be doing and why, what makes me feel unhealthy, what do I lose sleep over? The answer to these questions are the Markers that I'm going in the wrong direction, strip all the things from my life that bring on these emotions or negative physical feelings.

Then define; what makes me happy, what makes me feel relaxed and calm, where does my sense of peace come from, what am I inspired by, who are the people that I look up to, what do/who do I love, what are my big dreams, what have I always wanted to do? Focus on these things and make them the driving force behind all decisions.

On the fridge in the kitchen my mum has this little piece of paper with two columns, one side is a list of food that leads to inflammation and damages the immune system, dietary system etc. And the other in anti-inflammatory, foods that are good for the body. So I've made a little list of my own with two columns, one for unhappiness/stress and one for happiness/peace, and I'm going to use this every time I feel stressed or am going into making a decision.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

hard work done

Sitting at the desk looking out over the gum trees on my parents farm up in south east qld. I have been enjoying a much needed respite after what has been an epic month of work, creativity and spaceships.

The six day shoot of Rented Space was epic to say the least, but Kai and I were supported by an incredible cast and crew who worked their guts out to bring the idea to life. I've included some piccies below and am in the process of creating a slideshow on youtube which I'll post here shortly.
I had lots and lots of fun playing two characters, reprising the dowdy evil real estate secretary Nikki (from 7th Quadrant Real estate), and bringing to life the ball busting (busty) Fanny Juggs (personally my favorite). It was great to get in front of the camera again, but was a big gear shift from the stage, the constant repetition that happens when you're acting for film can feel so unnatural. I was amazed I found the energy to have so much fun with the characters while Producing and working on set everyday. I actually felt energised by it, it reminded me why I was working so hard. I read this really interesting article on Claudia Karvan in the weekend paper about her experiences and reflections on Producing and Acting on the same
project and it really rings true...

"When you produce as well as act, you know the complete story, you know your place; you feel that you are contributing something significant to the whole. You lose a lot less energy than you do as an actor, where you're double guessing and trying to anticipate where you belong as a character" Claudia Karvan as quoted in the Weekend Australian here's a link to the full article.

So the next stage is post-production, editing, composing the sound track and animating the bits in space, the premier screening will most likely be at ACMI in late November/early December with the rest of the VCA Graduate Screenings. I plan to pitch it to ABS, SBS and BBC after the premier and am in the process of working on the pitch pack. Each station has their own requirements on how to present new work, you can download all the details on the respective websites.

So I have my fingers and toes crossed and am keeping in mind that it may take time to get it up and running. But this film did feel different to anything we've ever done before, it had such a buzz on set, the crew were all so behind it, we even had to send people outside during takes so that their laughter wouldn't ruin the sound. All I can say is that we have done the best that we can with what we had and I am hugely proud of it and think it looks amazing. Can't wait to see you all at the premier!

Friday, July 16, 2010


I've been busy busy busy over the past month or so working on the hilarious Sci-fi Comedy 'Rented Space'. Episode 5 - 'Grail' is the brain child of Kai Smythe (of 'In search for Atlantis') and is a 20min independently funded television pilot that we plan to pitch to ABC, SBS and BBC later this year. I'm producing the epic 6 day shoot with over 80 people involved in the projects, prosthetics, incredible costumes (see the incredible image below designed and constructed by Sorjeri Tane), 4 custom built sets and a whole lot of sweat and tears (well not so many tears:). And I also get to create to great characters for the project, the daggy/passive agressive real estate secretary 'Nikki' and the ball-busting high flying 'Fanny Juggs' (see me in the hat on the left - my personal fav).
We are just under a week out from shooting and things are really starting to come together. It's amazing how with every project you can time the emotions that you go through almost down the to minute, at this stage I have a quiet optimism that it will all come together in time which is match with a not so quiet panic that it will all go down in a blaze of glory...not really, it al
ways ends up happening in the end :)

I've been updating The Rented Space Diaries' which tracks the development of the project so feel free to have a sticky beak for more details. I've also included some of my favorite pictures below...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting my act together

After the whirldwind that was festival time I have been laying pretty low. It has been a time to reflect, pick up all the loose ends and dream of the exciting next steps. 

What I've been up to...
I did a fun audition with Chameleon Casting and met the ever lovely Daniella who really inspired me, so called my lovely photographer friend Sarah Collins (a.k.a the actor's photographer) and got some new head shots, here are a few of my favs...

I finished my 'pitch pack' for 'How to be a Lady' and sent off my application for the Woodford Folk Festival. This short sharp and shiny pack includes all the details on 'Lady'; images, reviews, tech specs, and synopsis. I will be sending this out to all the promoters who came and saw the show while it was touring for possible future bookings. I plan to take the show to Avignon Festival (South of France) as well as Edinburgh Fringe in 2011, as well as a national tour maybe late this year of early next.

Uploaded some excerpts from 'Ladies' Adelaide Fringe Festival Season onto my youtube channel

What's Next?....
I am busy busy busy at present Producing the Sci-Fi Comedy Television Pilot 'Rented Space' directed by Kai Smythe, I will also be acting in two of the roles. We did our pitch to potential crew last week and have assembled an army to pull this baby off. I'll post some piccies on this one shortly...

Received the very exciting news that 'The Omega Quest' a new Sci-Fi Adventure Romance in the style of Japanese BUNRAKU theatre that is the brain child of Tim Mager (of Minstrels/Atlantis fame) has been accepted into the North Melbourne Town Hall for the 2010 Melbourne Fringe Festival. This is going to one epic show, check out some Bunraku vids on youtube for a taste of what to expect....

And what's next for me creatively?? There a number of new show concepts knocking around in my brain-space, I am enjoying just allowing these to bubble away for the time being, seeking out inspiring experiences to boost the creativity and trying out some stuff. 

I have committed to myself that I will bring a new show to the Adelaide Fringe Festival and Melbourne International Comedy Festival for 2011 so stay tuned.....

Friday, May 14, 2010

How to be a Lady - on the youtube machine

moving on! and markets!!

sooooo much has happened and soooo much to tell, but before that epic starts here's a flyer for the Blackbird Market i'll be running a stall at tomorrow at the Worker's Club in Fitzroy.

Will be selling the incredible and amazing gorgeous wheatbags and eye pillows for Emiti Crafts, so come down and say hello, look for the lady in the frilly bonnet!
these hand made beauties smell devine and are all made with 100% natural ingredients

Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to be a Lady and Lady Gaga

"The extraordinary Tessa Waters, whose show How To Be A Lady had its debut at last year's fringe, demonstrates amply that one can upturn traditional notions of femininity by wearing frilly knickers." The Age - Melbourne, March 19th 2010

Helen Razer discusses gender as performance and her excitement for the upcoming Lady Gaga concert in melbourne this week and reiterates her glee at seeing me in frilly knickers!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Camels in the City

To celebrate the launch of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival season The Minstrels of the Revolution rode into town in style today on the back of TWO CAMELS!!

In Search of Atlantis starts tomorrow night at The Butterfly Club (South Melbs) and runs Thurs-Sun till the 4th of April.

Check out the piccies:

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Minstrels 4 Stars and Nomination

"Take a liberal helping of Tenacious D, sprinkle in some Lano and Woodley-style dynamics and some Anchorman-esque one-liners set against an Indiana Jones inspired storyline and you're bang in the middle of Tim and Ky's search for the mystical city of Atlantis.

In this quality cabaret act I can take or leave the storyline but this musical duo's talent in constructing a narrative, throwing in some one-liners, composing hilarious songs and bringing a spirited delivery cannot be ignored.

The pair take the audience deep into their bumbling adventures, resulting in a performance which is one hundred per cent on song."
Jessica Leo - The Advertiser 4 STARS
Stay tuned for a complete rap up of Radelaide 2010, and cross your fingers for tonight's awards in which the Minstrels have been nominated for Best Cabaret!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Circus vs Sideshow

On the eve of our tour to Radelaide, just wanted to send a quick update about a guest spot I'll be doing as a judge at Circus Vs Sideshow next Thursday 18th Feb. This Side Up boys vs The Dirty Brothers...I'm uber excited! Who will come out the victors the bending, jumpy circus doods or the freaky, funny side show lads???

come check it out happening every Thursday of Ad Fringe 2010...though I will only be there this Thurs if you want to come see me in my frilly knickers!!

"Who really is more hardcore? Who works harder? Who entertains us better? Circus artists with their debonair muscular ability or sideshow acts with their macabre and twisted tricks?

Following a riotous first round in Edinburgh last year, ThisSideUp and the Dirty Brothers stage a series of re-matches in the Bosco Theatre in the ultimate battle of the carnies.

Hosted by celebrity guests and judged by fringe stars. Circus vs. Sideshow is an unpredictable evening of circus, sideshow, music and mischief.

ThisSideUp pitch their extraordinary acrobatic talents against the Dirty Brothers’ devious sideshow prowess in physical tests of strength, pain and endurance. Resulting in jaw-dropping, bone-chilling and laugh-out-loud entertainment with the hosts and judges throwing a little of their own skill and talent into the ring.

First staged as an impromptu contest at the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe, past hosts and celebrity judges include Paul Zenon, Stephen K Amos, Wil Anderson, Die Roten Punkte, Amanda Palmer (from the Dresden Dolls) and Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen.

Expect to be astounded, shocked, moved and shaken, as acrobats face off against their long-standing competitors from sideshow, mediated by musicians, comedians and other fellow entertainers.

A good old-fashioned fight, settled as only performers know how. Circus vs Sideshow is an unscripted, unabashed and unfettered night of carnival amusement."

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Melbourne Comedy Tickets Now on Sale

With mere hours left in Melbourne before we jet off to RAdelaide for the a month of Fringe fun in the sun we are bombarded with yet more excitement...

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival launch their ticket sales today and bookings are being made as we speak to both our comedy festival offerings....

How to be a Lady will be gracing the stage in the Carpet Room at The FORUM. All too exciting really, I will be playing the same venue as Tripod and Frank Woodley...even if it is in the broom cupboard.

The Season runs from April 25th to May 18th Tuesdays to Sundays at 7.15pm (6.15pm Sundays)

In Search of Atlantis will be playing at Melbourne Home of Cabaret The Butterfly Club from March 18th to April 4th. And the boys have something very VERY exciting planned for the 17th so keep your eyes peeled.

Their tickets went on sale just before last Christmas and are bubbling away quite nicely so get in quick to avoid missing out!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

12 Days to Go

The countdown is running fast, reviewers are booking in, tickets sales are looking very healthy indeed and the mild panic/excitement follows me round 24 hours a day.

Check out the Minstrels Poster for In Search of Atlantis and remember if you miss them in Adelaide you can still catch them for the Melbourne Comedy Festival at the Butterfly Club March 18th to April 4th (weekly thurs-sun). Tickets on sale now from the Butterfly Club's website (Whats On page)

We will in invading the Austral Hotel for the duration of Fringe and are sharing the spotlight with some stellar comedy shows, check out the flyer.

Stay tuned for more adelaide news coming soon....