Thursday, August 19, 2010

hard work done

Sitting at the desk looking out over the gum trees on my parents farm up in south east qld. I have been enjoying a much needed respite after what has been an epic month of work, creativity and spaceships.

The six day shoot of Rented Space was epic to say the least, but Kai and I were supported by an incredible cast and crew who worked their guts out to bring the idea to life. I've included some piccies below and am in the process of creating a slideshow on youtube which I'll post here shortly.
I had lots and lots of fun playing two characters, reprising the dowdy evil real estate secretary Nikki (from 7th Quadrant Real estate), and bringing to life the ball busting (busty) Fanny Juggs (personally my favorite). It was great to get in front of the camera again, but was a big gear shift from the stage, the constant repetition that happens when you're acting for film can feel so unnatural. I was amazed I found the energy to have so much fun with the characters while Producing and working on set everyday. I actually felt energised by it, it reminded me why I was working so hard. I read this really interesting article on Claudia Karvan in the weekend paper about her experiences and reflections on Producing and Acting on the same
project and it really rings true...

"When you produce as well as act, you know the complete story, you know your place; you feel that you are contributing something significant to the whole. You lose a lot less energy than you do as an actor, where you're double guessing and trying to anticipate where you belong as a character" Claudia Karvan as quoted in the Weekend Australian here's a link to the full article.

So the next stage is post-production, editing, composing the sound track and animating the bits in space, the premier screening will most likely be at ACMI in late November/early December with the rest of the VCA Graduate Screenings. I plan to pitch it to ABS, SBS and BBC after the premier and am in the process of working on the pitch pack. Each station has their own requirements on how to present new work, you can download all the details on the respective websites.

So I have my fingers and toes crossed and am keeping in mind that it may take time to get it up and running. But this film did feel different to anything we've ever done before, it had such a buzz on set, the crew were all so behind it, we even had to send people outside during takes so that their laughter wouldn't ruin the sound. All I can say is that we have done the best that we can with what we had and I am hugely proud of it and think it looks amazing. Can't wait to see you all at the premier!

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  1. Great photos Juggsy!! I can't wait to see the fabulous finished product

    :) Kim