Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rented Space gets into ITV Fest LA

If the 'Young Ones' and 'Red Dwarf' had made sweet love and then gave birth that child would be 'Rented Space'; a comedy sci fi television series about a bunch of guys who rent a share-houseboat in space in the not so distant future.

I Produced and performed in the pilot episode for Rented Space, which has just been accepted into the International Television Festival in LA and the writer/director Kai Smythe (of Sextyime!) are flying over to pitch up a storm to the US market.

We leave next week and we are in a flurry of fundraising, packing, arranging 'lunches' (that's actually what happens, 'let's do lunch'...I feel like a pro) and trying to find the perfect outfit for the red carpet!

We are holding a fundraiser for the trip in Melbourne, this Wednesday the 27th of July. There will be holding 3 screenings of the pilot and we will be selling original artwork from the production for the Send Rented Space to LA Fundraiser at Loop Bar, Meyers Place.

Get you tickets here

If you're keen to support the project but can't make it to the screening you can buy a DONATE ticket and leave your contact details and we will send you a signed copy of the poster!

You can also pledge a tax deductible donation through the AbaF Cultural Fund here

(and thus ends the almighty 3month drought of that's the longest I've ever gone! I will be back shortly with the full update on what's been happening, but it may take some time to write it all down ;)