Friday, July 16, 2010


I've been busy busy busy over the past month or so working on the hilarious Sci-fi Comedy 'Rented Space'. Episode 5 - 'Grail' is the brain child of Kai Smythe (of 'In search for Atlantis') and is a 20min independently funded television pilot that we plan to pitch to ABC, SBS and BBC later this year. I'm producing the epic 6 day shoot with over 80 people involved in the projects, prosthetics, incredible costumes (see the incredible image below designed and constructed by Sorjeri Tane), 4 custom built sets and a whole lot of sweat and tears (well not so many tears:). And I also get to create to great characters for the project, the daggy/passive agressive real estate secretary 'Nikki' and the ball-busting high flying 'Fanny Juggs' (see me in the hat on the left - my personal fav).
We are just under a week out from shooting and things are really starting to come together. It's amazing how with every project you can time the emotions that you go through almost down the to minute, at this stage I have a quiet optimism that it will all come together in time which is match with a not so quiet panic that it will all go down in a blaze of glory...not really, it al
ways ends up happening in the end :)

I've been updating The Rented Space Diaries' which tracks the development of the project so feel free to have a sticky beak for more details. I've also included some of my favorite pictures below...

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