Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Omega Quest Critical Acclaim

I am producing The Omega Quest which is part of the official Melbourne Fringe Hub program this year (see listing information below). We are heading into the home stretch and I just wanted to share the amazing words people have been saying about the very talented cast and crew who have all worked their guts out to get this epic space opera up and running.

Tickets are still available for the rest of the week follow this link and all tickets are $10 tonight only!!

The Age Review
A space opera from the past
4 STARS!!!!
Tim Mager, North Melbourne Town Hall, Until October 9. $17/$12
Tim Richards Reviewer
EVEN in their wildest dreams, the 17th century creators of the Japanese puppetry form bunraku could never have imagined their craft would one day depict creatures of outer space; but that's the beauty of The Omega Quest. With puppeteers swathed in black manipulating objects in full view of the audience, we witness a mute tale of tragedy and triumph after the destruction of the Earth in the far future. It's a mix of puppetry and live action; our hero, an astronaut in search of New Earth, battles telepathic aliens and a squid-like space monster before being reunited with his love. The show's creators have gone to great effort with their moulded space suits, detailed monsters and electronic gadgetry, resulting in an entertaining space opera.

Links to other online reviews:
The Omega Quest runs every night till Saturday the 9th, nightly at 9pm at the Rehearsal Room, Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall. Get your tickets HERE

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