Saturday, February 13, 2010

Circus vs Sideshow

On the eve of our tour to Radelaide, just wanted to send a quick update about a guest spot I'll be doing as a judge at Circus Vs Sideshow next Thursday 18th Feb. This Side Up boys vs The Dirty Brothers...I'm uber excited! Who will come out the victors the bending, jumpy circus doods or the freaky, funny side show lads???

come check it out happening every Thursday of Ad Fringe 2010...though I will only be there this Thurs if you want to come see me in my frilly knickers!!

"Who really is more hardcore? Who works harder? Who entertains us better? Circus artists with their debonair muscular ability or sideshow acts with their macabre and twisted tricks?

Following a riotous first round in Edinburgh last year, ThisSideUp and the Dirty Brothers stage a series of re-matches in the Bosco Theatre in the ultimate battle of the carnies.

Hosted by celebrity guests and judged by fringe stars. Circus vs. Sideshow is an unpredictable evening of circus, sideshow, music and mischief.

ThisSideUp pitch their extraordinary acrobatic talents against the Dirty Brothers’ devious sideshow prowess in physical tests of strength, pain and endurance. Resulting in jaw-dropping, bone-chilling and laugh-out-loud entertainment with the hosts and judges throwing a little of their own skill and talent into the ring.

First staged as an impromptu contest at the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe, past hosts and celebrity judges include Paul Zenon, Stephen K Amos, Wil Anderson, Die Roten Punkte, Amanda Palmer (from the Dresden Dolls) and Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen.

Expect to be astounded, shocked, moved and shaken, as acrobats face off against their long-standing competitors from sideshow, mediated by musicians, comedians and other fellow entertainers.

A good old-fashioned fight, settled as only performers know how. Circus vs Sideshow is an unscripted, unabashed and unfettered night of carnival amusement."

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