Sunday, September 20, 2009

Three Women

A courtesan, a clown and a love sick teenager. Brigid Dolan, Tessa Waters and Sarah Hillman-Stolz present three unique female characters in their solo performances for this years’ Melbourne Fringe Festival.

In her show The Courtesan, Brigid Dolan invites you to step into the bohemian underworld of 19th c. Paris, on a journey through the salons and boudoirs of celebrated French prostitute Marie du Plessis.

Tessa Waters in How to be a Lady is a young woman who wakes to find an audience in her bedroom and a narrator telling her what to do... If she'd have known they were coming she would have remembered to wear pants.

Self-deprecating and semi-autobiographical, Sarah Hillman-Stolz’s Belle's Paradise is about discovering how love and life changes us and whether what you learn in ten years helps or hurts you.

Three vastly different characters, three performers presenting varied and exciting new work with female stories and bodies at their forefront – all in one fantastic festival.

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