Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fringe 2009 Launched

What a morning, the 2009 Melbourne Fringe Festival was launched with much fun and frivolity (and champagne!) yesterday morning. It was really inspiring to see the room filled with such amazing and diverse artists from Melbourne and around the country.

Even the speaches were inspiring, so often at these events one has to sit through dry and meaningless spiels about the arts, using popular buzz words like 'innovative' and 'excellence' (what do they actually mean??) but I have to say Emily Sexton's speech (Creative Producer) gave me goose bumps, its so refreshing to hear an artistic leader speak with such genuine and tangible intention.

I had wonderful chats to some great artists, and am really looking forward to seeing their creations. Watch out for these shows;
'Asleep in a Secret' (p32) by Skye Gellman,
'The Antics Shop' (p60) by Justin McGinley,
'The Courtesan' (p24) by Bridget Dolan
'Belle's Paradise' (p18) by Sarah Hillman-Stolz
'The Hamlet Apocalypse' (p24) by Steven Mitchell Wright
'A tiny chorus' (p16) by Elbow Room

But most exciting of all of course was the official release of the sparkly new guide and tickets!!
So what are you waiting for follow the links below to get tickets to the premier seasons of

How to be a Lady
In Search of Atlantis

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