Monday, September 28, 2009

Opening Weekend of Fringe

I am so tired but so happy after a rippa opening weekend at the Melbourne Fringe Festival Hub.

It's such a bizarre feeling to have worked on my show for so long by myself in the studio and then to suddenly have people watching and laughing along with me.

Highlights from the weekend;
are opening my show to a big loud audience, awesome crew, lots of laughs, realising that it was all worth it, booty shaking at the fringe club till the lights got turned on and we got kicked out, stopping for a moment on the dance floor during 'total eclipse of the heart' to see a crowded room of art geeks spontaneously and passionately burst into interpretive dance off' one can party quite like art geeks (feels like home).

Saw 'The Courtesan' (Brigid Dolan) at Bar Open on Sunday night, was a really honest and passionate first showing of this work that she should be immensely proud of. Standout moments for me were the heightened physical sequences such as the 'washer woman' scene, and the moments of truth when Brigid really managed to embodied the character, such as when Camille fell in love. It was great to see a big crowd out to support her on her closing night, I think we will definitely be hearing more from Mz Dolan.

And finally setting up 'Get the Balance Right' today in the Bourke Street Mall. A public art piece by Fashion and Object Stylist Ramona Telecican.

It was truly surreal, got up at 6am, the city was deserted but for the cleaners and a fewer eager corporates, we got drilled by the guy at the convenience store about why we make art (7am Validation of creative selves whhatt!), then nearly got knocked over by an especially driven corporate, set up the art work and then watched in glee as the 'Big Issue' vendor decided to pick it up and position it differently. Public Art in Public Spaces.

Highlights to look forward to are;
Tight-Arse Tuesday tomorrow night,
Opening Night of 'In Search of Atlantis' at Bar Open,
Opening Night of 'Belle's Paradise' at Trade's Hall,
getting the Adelaide Fringe Registrations in on time,
seeing 'Asleep in a Secret', 'Kneu', 'Hamlet Apocalypse' and 'Donna and Damo (an asexual love story)'.

Have spent the day needing a nap but am still undecided.

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