Friday, January 21, 2011

Sexytime in Adelaide

Tickets are now on sale for the Adelaide Fringe season of Sexytime! at the Adelaide Town Hall, Feb 18th to March 12th. So I thought it was about time we shared the spiffy artwork that Kai came up with for the flyers and posters (ooooh spiffy). He's doing some freelance design stuff this year, so if you're in need of posters, flyers, CD covers etc drop me a line and I'll hook you up.

Also the Holden Street Theatre crew, our hosts at this year, have just updated their website for the 2011 Fringe Season check it out here


  1. I can't express in mere written words how much I love this poster and the photos! Spiffy indeed you sexy beasts. Hurry up and get the show on in Melbs so I can come see it. xx

  2. I hope this is coming to Melbourne....I am in fits of laughter just looking at the pictures...

  3. yeah we're doing a two week season at The Tuxedo Cat for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from April 11th to 24th, tickets go on sale in the next few weeks!