Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 - New Ideas for a New Decade

Premiering at the 2011 Adelaide Fringe at Adelaide Town Hall (Prince Alfred Room), Kai Smythe and I will be playing a full season of physical comedy fun times, cannot wait. We follow this by a two week season at the Tuxedo Cat for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. And then we send out the touring pitches to see who else is interested in it.

OS trip Lady tour
Contemplating a New York and Europe visit for 'How to be Lady' in late 2011. I'd like to rework and tighten a few bits and get the set properly designed to be tour ready. I'm still loving performing the show, I really didn't think I would still love it so much after all this time, but I find new things and love when the good bits work every time. You become so familiar with the material and it is such a pleasure to hit the jokes perfectly and see the reaction. It makes you wonder about the laws of comedy, somethings are just universally funny as in they get laughter every time, and some things really depend on the crowd.

Rented Space
2011 sees Rented Space the sci fi comedy television series I am producing with writer/director Kai Smythe go into the next stage of development. Now we have the pilot finished, we need to pull together the 'Bible' which is a document that outlines the entire universe of the series; the characters, the series outline, the story structure, the 'world' in which the characters exists and how they interact with it. Then we need to inspire an experienced producer who really connects with the story, the concept and us and who will be willing to work to get it pitch ready for the networks. This stage requires, patience and planning and a lot more hard work...bring it!

Children's book
Something that's been sitting in the back of my head for a while is turning my 2006 clown ensemble show 'Baggage' into a children's book. I'd like to spend some time re-visiting this show, as I love the characters and the exploration of the concept of our emotional baggage and how we all need to let go to move forward. I also have a little idea called 'And then I met Lucy' which examines the concepts of growing up in a culture of fear. I'm really inspired by the books of Shaun Tan, Where the Wild Things Are, The Little Prince, and the beautiful work of Ghost Patrol..hmmm I would like a little hut by the beach to ponder on these for a while :)

The Great Depression Orchestra
Picture stumbling across a shanty town under a train bridge in the back streets of beyond. A small fire is burning weakly and the smell of a watery cabbage stew fills the air, a spider web of clothes lines, hanging sad old rags who have seen better days, is the background to a ramshackle junk band of hobos and tramps singing moving songs of longing, love, sorrow and escape from the 1930's depression era. The Great Depression Orchestra....coming soon.

The Trampettes

I want to re-discover my voice this year. I have great memories of singing with other girls all the old Andrew Sisters classics and I plan to re-visit this in 2011. Sharp sassy outfits, quick comic quips and smooth three part harmonies...well at least that's the plan. A bit of fun with some fellow talented performers :)

Gimme the cash!
Grants, donations, sponsorships, partnerships, lobbying, budgeting and yes even tax. In 2011 I am going to invest a significant time of each week to learning how to make and create the funds to do what inspires me. I am done with the day job, it's time to figure out how to create a balance with my work and creative life that sustains and feeds itself and grows and expands in line with what I have available to me and not from working myself into the ground and burning out every year.

I've been approached by a few fellow fringe artists to Direct shows in 2011, I'm excited by this idea and am really looking forward to hopefully bringing some inspiration to the collaborative experience.

On a personal level I will; create a home in which I love to be in every corner, cook delicious meals to nourish my body and spirit, host dinner parties, get fit and feel healthy, sing and perform with my voice, spend more time with those that I love, travel overseas and experience another culture, calm my mind and be happy...oh and dance lots...Whooo Happy New Year!!


  1. Ha! Those are some great images! I especially love the girl and airplane. How small is her waist! Yikes. Those plans all sound marvelous. Looking forward to singing with ya luvey!

  2. Sounds superb! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    I'm on the job of creating a singing group too - my dream would be to do old Andrew Sisters pieces, and maybe some Aluka-esque indie folk pop stuff... I'm holding a bit of an audition session on Sunday for a few hopefuls to see who has similar tastes, aspirations, voices and personalities - fingers crossed it goes well!