Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fringe Benefits Review

Alicia: You know what Emmica, I never thought I’d be able to say that I indulged in 45 minutes of great Sexytime at the Adelaide Town Hall – but now I can well and truly tick it off my bucket list!

Emmica: Agreed Alicia! You could say it was one of my more spontaneous nights but hey – you only live once!

A: Amen to that sister. Can’t say it’s every night that I find myself grinding against some sweaty guy wearing a tastefully tacky 70s shirt, bad 90s music pumping away. No – that’s just my weekends! Well hey, my weekend came early when ‘Man’ (Kai Smythe) grabbed me from the audience…it was a dream – as if all my Saturday nights had come at once – and that ain’t sarcasm babe!

E: It must have been very difficult for you not to get too excited over Man’s sweaty chest and impressive mo. Although you’ve just got to watch that sexy, vixen ‘Woman’ as she would be sure to start a cat fight…or perhaps invite you home…

A: Indeed she was fierce…in the fabulous ‘I am woman- hear me roar’ style. But hun, once Man saw me I am sure there was no argument in his mind – pity she had so much power over him, just a movement of her eyebrow and he was putty in her hands. Shame, I would have loved to get to ‘mo’ Man a bit better…get it…mo?!… Okay so that was a bad joke…

E: So on that exceptional dad joke, perhaps we should introduce the readers to the show properly? There’s only so much cheesiness one can take.

A: Cheesy? Us? Never! Well…probably…but I’m guessing our readers want to know what the heck is going on, so without further ado it’s probably time that we explained…

Sexytime is a brilliant Fringe show created and performed by the hilarious Tessa Waters, who plays Woman, and co-starring the alluring (a term used loosely) Kai Smythe as her counterpart, Man.

As the name implies this show is all about sex, sexy times and times of sex. It is most definitely not one for young kiddies but that is the only exclusion and restriction for this wonderfully open performance which celebrates a subject which is often still seen as taboo. There is dancing, miming, Tessa Waters’ fabulously indulgent acting and laughter around every corner. You will giggle like a school girl every time the word “sexytime” (or anything relating to sex) escapes Waters’ mouth – it’s all in the way that she says it.

Sexytime is a grand affair of comedic brilliance. The players’ interaction with the audience is seemingly improvised and the show includes anything but stereotypical “sex jokes”. It is completely unique and the characters portrayed are extremely original.

A: Emmica and I adored the show, but personally my only piece of criticism; I wanted longer lasting sexytime! Either that or we will just have to go again!

Date: Monday 7th March 2011

Source: By Alicia Norton and Emmica Schlobohm for Fringe Benefits http://www.fringebenefits.com.au/fb-review-sexytime

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