Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Buzz from the weekend

Well I'm officially half way through the season and feeling goooood. Tonight marks the end of the middle weekend and the start of the home stretch.

The audience is getting bigger each night and the possibility of a 'sell out' is actually looking like a possibility (fingers enthusiastically crossed)!

Here's some responses from the Audience over the past couple of days

"This show was just brilliant. Tess is a beautiful performer with an ability to make the audience laugh with a look, or a stumble! Wonderful physicality, pace of show & way of story telling. Hope you get heaps more audience and you take it comedy fest/adelaide and beyond!" - Alex Desabrok

"Tess, I just wanted to say again how wonderfully funny i thought your show was and i didn't even realise it was you i was going to see!! (your promo pictures are deceiving + dont know your last name....til NOW!) anyway it was ridiculously funny, and i have to say parts of it was like looking into a mirror. congrats love and i bless you with large audience numbers for your run!!!!" - Lauren B

"Tess you and Claudia O'Doherty have re-instilled my faith in female comedians" - Mz Lola

"I loved your show, so original I've never seen anything quite like it" - Dave O

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