Sunday, June 14, 2009


Welcome to the new blog, I will be sharing all the exciting bits and pieces that I'm involved in, inspired by, creating or challenged by. 

There have been a whole collection of new beginings in the last little while, one of the most exciting of which in the new studio at the Nicholas Building in Melbourne, City

This gorgeous new space, will be the scene of much work to come, stay tuned for the launch in late august!

Registrations have closed for the 2009 Melbourne Fringe Festival and as well as creating my own solo show at the hub 'How to be a lady', I am also producing a new Cabaret by the Minstrels of the Revolution: In Search of Atlantis, and an installation by emerging artist Ramona Telecican.

So drop us a line if you have anything interesting going on or just feel like having a gander

Welcome and thanks for dropping by to witness the beginning of this journey. 


  1. Hey Simone
    I share this space with a freelance stylist/visual artist/sometimes dj Ramona Telecican, we'll be opening up for the Nicholas Building Open Studio evenings in August so watch this space for more details.
    We're there part-time at the moment as we set it up and finish up day-jobs and will be running it full-time as of August 20th.